Writing A Eulogy For A Grandfather

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Writing A Eulogy For GrandfatherWriting a eulogy for a grandfather may be more difficult than writing eulogies for people who are younger.  This is because your grandfather belonged to another generation and the ones who can best explain his life are his wife or his children. However, as a grandchild you have a different relationship with your grandfather and can provide a unique perspective on his life in your eulogy.

To write the best possible eulogy for your grandfather you should show your audience that your grandfather lived a fulfilling life. It can be helpful to gather facts about your grandfather – about his origin, education and other accomplishments, and his relationships with important people in his life.  For this, you may want to call his friends and your family members to help collect information. Ask them for stories and memories and ask them how he was as a friend or relative.

Next, you will want to think about all of the good virtues in him. You can write about his faith, love, interests, passions, and so on. If you will do all of these task ahead, you will be prepared for writing a eulogy for a grandfather.

You may still be feeling that you unsure what to say but all of this research will help you get to know him better than you have ever before. Writing a eulogy for a grandfather is a great opportunity to learn more about your grandfather and to educate everyone at his funeral about what made him such a wonderful person.

Sample Eulogy:

My name is Eric and I am Frank’s grandson. When my grandfather passed away last week I immediately asked my parents if I could say a few words about him. My grandfather and I were close and I wanted to share some of my fond memories of him with you.

My grandfather was a hardworking and intelligent man who accomplished a lot in his life. He grew up in a small town and worked at a very early age to help support his family. He then served in the war and was very proud of his military service. During the war he met my grandmother. The two of them fell in love and moved to Seattle after the war. My grandfather started his own business, an auto body shop, and ran it successfully for 40 years.

My grandfather taught me a lot about work ethic. I was lucky that my family lived so close to him and as a child I spent many days helping out at his shop. I learned a lot about cars from him and he is why I am so passionate about automotives.

My grandfather also taught me about the importance of family. He lost touch with many of his relatives during the war and always regretted it. He was very close with his children and grandchildren and made sure to be actively involved in our lives. I am happy for this and loved all of the time we spent together.

My grandfather was a good friend to me and I respected him a lot.  I am going to miss his wisdom and humor. I hope to pass down to my children many of the skills and the advice that he taught me. My family and I will miss him very much. God bless.


You should now have a better understanding of what is included in a eulogy. Writing a eulogy for a grandfather can be an emotional task, but shouldn’t be a difficult one. Think about what made him a special person and share your fond memories with your audience. For more help, read our other articles on writing eulogies.


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