Writing A Eulogy For A Friend

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Writing A Eulogy For FriendWriting a eulogy for a friend may be one of the hardest things to do, especially if you are writing a eulogy for the celebration of your best friend’s life.  You may have an awkward feeling that no matter what you write it will not justify, or truly describe, his or her life.  However, you should realize that as a close friend you are one of the best persons who can talk about him or her and can write a memorable eulogy.

When writing a eulogy for a friend you will want to speak about your friend and what made him or her special.  However, to make your eulogy different from the rest, you should talk about the kind of friendship that you both had – the way that your friendship is different from others.  This can be a smart way of speaking to more than just your friend as an individual.

Talk About Why Your Friendship is Different

You may begin by including specific meaningful moments that you shared with your friend.  Do not tell long stories that are only meaningful to you. Instead, share a memory that relates to a specific quality of the person that you liked. For example, you may tell a story about how the person drove two hours out of their way in the middle of the night to pick you up when your car broke down. This story exemplifies your friends caring nature and selflessness.

Also speak about how his or her friendship is unique in this world.  Tell your listeners how there is no one like him or her.

Talk About How He or She Changed You

You are writing a eulogy for a friend who had a direct and positive impact on your life. He or she likely influenced your life and caused you to change one way or another.  Share a story about how you met and how something in your life changed for the better at that wonderful moment.

You could also give examples of specific situations where his or her advice helped you and made you a better person. It could be as simple as relationship or career advice, to something more serious.

Sample Eulogy:

I would like to say a few words about my best friend Jane. She and I met in university when we got placed as roommates in a dormitory. I was a little worried because I had never shared a room with anyone, especially someone I didn’t know. However, the first night I realized how lucky I was to have Jane as a roommate. We stayed up talking all night and quickly became best friends.

University seems like so long ago now. Jane was always there when I needed her and was by my side when I got married and was one of the first people to visit me at the hospital when my son was born. I knew that she would be there whenever I needed her.

Jane taught me a lot about being a good person and friend. I always tried to live up to her example. She was smart, motivated, thoughtful and caring. She helped me overcome a lot of fears throughout my life and I know that it will be difficult not having her around. If Jane was here today she wouldn’t want us to be sad. She would want us to cherish all of the great memories we had with her and not dwell on the loss. Jane, thank you for your friendship and being there for me all of these years, I will miss you forever.


A best friend can be hard to find and their friendship should be cherished. If you are in the difficult situation of writing a eulogy for a friend, you should speak about what made their friendship so special and how they positively influenced your life. For more help writing a eulogy, view our articles on eulogy writing and other sample eulogies.


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