Writing A Eulogy For A Father

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Writing A Eulogy For A FatherWriting a eulogy for a father is a nice thing to do, but it should be carefully written because more often than not listeners during tend not to learn from it.  This typically happens because eulogies can be too long or contain too much information that is uninteresting or irrelevant to those in attendance. To keep the audience’s attention a eulogy writer must exercise precaution when writing the eulogy – especially if one is writing a eulogy for a beloved father.

It is customary for relatives of the departed during funerals – and even during wakes – to talk of the good things about the deceased.  This is normal but overdoing this practice may cause us to lose sight of the lessons that we should also learn through these important events.

How writing a eulogy for a father can be advantageous to the living:

Eulogies to fathers usually mention the good things done by fathers while they were still living – whether to their own families or to other people. One ingredient that is very important to be incorporated into a eulogy is lessons that you have learned from your father.  Do not forget the lessons that were verbally shared by your father – those that you can clearly remember that were shared directly to you.  The impact that this can do to your audience will be huge.  People in the audience may take this wisdom to heart or pass it on to their children so that it will continue on for future generations.

You can mention one to two of your father’s major accomplishments. However, do not include too many because it may cause envy in the mind of your listeners or appear as you are bragging. Being proud of his accomplishments is wonderful, but bragging about them will make them less meaningful to the listeners.  Instead, talk more of major accomplishments or life journeys.  This will encourage people to live their life from your father’s examples and make them remember him more in their own lives.

Talk about the way he showered you with love and how much he expected his children to do the same to one another.  Through this, you can make your audience feel that it is not really all about losing someone; it is more of knowing how to treat one another with charity and kindness while alive.

Finally, remember that when writing a eulogy for a father you should always focus the eulogy on life and not death.  Write about what made your father special, what he accomplished, his interests and the lessons he taught you. If you write the eulogy from your heart and focus on the positives you will have a well-written eulogy for the one you loved.

Sample Eulogy For Father:

Thank you to everyone for being here today to honor and remember my father. My father was a brilliant man, a dedicated husband, and a wonderful father and mentor. My father lived his life with honor and respect. The way he lived his life was an excellent example to me. He taught me a lot about being a husband, father and man. It is hard to imagine what my life will be like without his guidance and support.

My father was a successful businessman and accomplished everything he wanted to professionally. He owned and operated his own business, which gave him the freedom to spend time with his family. He was very humorous and loved to tell jokes. He staff respected him immensely but also appreciated his humor and kindness.

My father was always available whenever his friends, family or staff needed him. My brother and I learned a lot from our father and enjoyed listening to his stories and wisdom. Today we are here to grieve the loss of my father who we all will miss greatly. Remember everything that he taught us and cherish the memories we have. Dad, I will always miss you and never forget everything you taught me. I will always love you.


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