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Sample Eulogy For UncleIf your uncle has passed away you should consider writing a eulogy to pay tribute to his life. Reading a sample eulogy for an uncle first will show you how a eulogy is typically written and what topics are included. You can also get assistance writing a eulogy by speaking to friends and family members who have written eulogies in the past.

Writing a eulogy is an important task that requires a lot of preparation so that everything you want to say is included. That is why, by reading a sample eulogy for an uncle then writing your own eulogy, you will be sure to get all the relevant information written down so nothing will be missed.

The best eulogies include interesting personal experiences that have been shared with your uncle when he was still alive. It may also include the things that your uncle enjoyed and other memorable shared experiences.

However, one must keep in mind that in delivering this speech, you should not limit the eulogy to personal experiences with your uncle. Your uncle’s philosophy in life may also be included. Aside from this, personal achievements like medals and awards gained would be great to add so people would be reminded of how that person lived life fully. Once everything is in, it’s important to draft and organize all the information so that the eulogy is written in an easy to follow order.

Sample Eulogy For An Uncle:

Good morning. I am honored to say a few words about my Uncle Mike. I saw my uncle last week, a few days before he passed away, and I told him that I wanted to say something at his funeral. He was very happy to hear that I would be speaking about him; he really cherished the friendship we had.

Mike was different than the rest of our family. He was loud, outgoing and the life of the party. Every time I saw him he would tell me a joke before saying “hi” and would laugh so hard you could hear him from a mile away. He always had a smile on his face and you could tell he loved life.

My uncle was a world traveler. He could rarely sit still, let alone remain in the same city for long. He was a jetsetter and loved exploring new countries. He had a strong appreciation for culture and tried to learn as much as he could about each place he visited. I really respected this about him. Unlike many people who will see a few sights during their travels, he really cared a lot about the people he met and places he saw.

Even though my uncle was rarely in town for long, he made an effort to visit our family often. He cared about us a lot and never wanted to lose touch. When I was younger I remember receiving postcards from him from around the world. As I grew up, we would often chat on the phone and email. I absolutely loved hearing his stories and learning about the places he was visiting. I got my love for travel from my uncle.

I will miss you Uncle Mike every day of my life.


The sample eulogy for an uncle above should help you with writing a heartfelt eulogy. For additional help writing your eulogies, view our guides to writing eulogies and eulogy samples.


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