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Sample Eulogy For SisterWriting a eulogy for a sister can help relieve the grief and make it easier to handle the situation. Reading a sample eulogy for a sister is a good starting point and can make the task of writing the eulogy easier.

Since there is an overwhelming sadness resulting from the loss of your sister, it is understandable that you would be at a loss of words. To make it easier, basing your speech on a sample eulogy for a sister can help you learn how to detail in a eulogy your experiences with your sister – be it sad, humorous, inspirational or enlightening. Experiences may involve vacations, dinner paries, playing shopping, and more.

Your eulogy can also include special moments where advice was given by your sister during times when they were needed the most. A good eulogy can also be about noticing little things like how your sister acted in certain situations. Or, it can be about how her values were introduced through his actions and how she touched and warmed her friends and families hearts.

Sample Eulogy For A Sister:

I am happy to see so many of my sister’s friends and relatives here today. I know that many of you traveled a long way to be here and my sister would be incredibly appreciative. Jenny cared so much for the people around her and was the type of person who would never hurt a fly. I know that if she were here today she would be telling us all to cheer up and to think about how wonderful her life was. She would want us to celebrate her life and not be sad about losing her.

Jenny and I were as close as sisters can get. We were only 1 year apart in age and growing up shared a bedroom. Many people would have hated this but we loved it. We often stayed up late at night talking and were inseparable. As we grew up and became adults we still remained close. We didn’t always live in the same city, but no matter where we were, we talked almost every day and remained best friends.

Jenny accomplished a lot of wonderful things in her life. She received a business degree from the University of Washington and then went on to earn an MBA from Boston College. Jenny worked for many years as an accountant, but never had a passion for her job. Five years ago she quit and started her own cupcake business. This combined her passion for baking and her excellent business mind. Her cupcake store was an instant success and she received a lot of local publicity. Jenny was the happiest I had ever seen her.

My sister also accomplished a lot personally. She married a wonderful man, Michael, and the two had a storybook marriage. They had two children of their own, two boys. Jenny’s children were her pride and joy. She loved her friends and family and no matter how hard she worked she was always there whenever someone needed her.

Jenny was such a bright, hard-working, kind-hearted and determined person. During her time on this earth she positively touched so many people. Her memory will live on forever in all of our hearts. Jenny we will all miss you. God bless.


The sample eulogy for a sister above should help you with writing a heartfelt eulogy for your own sister. For additional help writing your eulogies, view our guides to writing eulogies and eulogy samples.


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