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Sample Eulogy For MotherThe grief over the death of a loving mom can be better handled by writing a heartfelt eulogy. By reading a sample eulogy for a mother you can learn how to structure your eulogy and see what should be included. A eulogy is a wonderful way to encapsulate the memories that made one’s life with the mom such a wonderful experience.

In drafting the eulogy, it may be helpful to add quotations or sayings that have been used by the mom before as long as these quotes will be appropriate to the eulogy. Quotations and sayings are beneficial because the words came directly from your mother and zero in on a particular value or principle that she embraced. That is why quotes can work well in a eulogy to show the character of the parent.

There are different tones that the eulogy may take. Some may choose to adopt a serious tone to the speech and include only important information such as the profession of the mom, the achievements, and other details. Other people may prefer to make it light and fun to help alleviate the grief of everyone. Also, it can be a long piece or a short piece. It depends on who is delivering the speech and how much information the person wants to give emphasis to.

If the eulogy is more light-hearted and includes funny and fun moments shared with the mother, a humorous quotation may be added to the speech. If it’s about learning things such as values and principles in life, then adding an inspirational quote or saying would be best.

You probably think that you know your mother’s interests, likes and dislikes; however, it is recommend to speak to other family members and friends. They may be able to provide you with interesting stories or other facts and details that you could add to the eulogy. Also, by reading the sample eulogy for mother, you may come across some topics that you could include in your eulogy for your mother.

Remember that a eulogy for mother can be a healing experience not only for the one who will deliver it but also for the other members of the family, friends and relatives who will hear it.

Sample Eulogy For A Mother:

It is with great sadness that I stand up here today delivering this eulogy for my mother. When I first thought about delivering her eulogy I did not know if I would be strong enough to do so. However, after I spent some time thinking about all of the great moments we spent together and all of the attributes that made my mom so special I knew that I had to share them with everyone here.

My mother lived her life by the quote “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” This is garnered from the Bible and it’s a beautiful quote to live by. My mother cared deeply for everyone she knew, whether you were her family member, friend or coworker. My mother was always willing to help out someone in need and had a very kind heart. She had numerous friends and her house was often filled with friends and family. She loved to entertain and always had fresh baked cookies on hand for whenever people stopped by.

I couldn’t have asked for a better mother. She taught me a lot about balancing work and family. My mom was a well-respected teacher and loved to be an educator. Even though she spent a lot of time coaching and volunteering at her school, she also made an effort to be with her family. My mom was always there to take me to swim practice, watch my ballet recitals or help me with my homework. As I got older, my mom was still there when needed. My husband and I enjoyed visiting my dad and her on the weekend so that they could spend time with their grandchildren and us.

I will miss my mother dearly and am so happy for the time we got to spend together. She was a caring and loving person and was the best mother in the world. Even though she is gone her memory will live on in our hearts forever. God bless you mom, your friends and family will miss you forever.


The sample eulogy for a mother above should help you with writing a heartfelt eulogy for your own father. For additional help writing your eulogies, view our guides to writing eulogies and eulogy samples.


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