Sample Eulogy For A Grandmother

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Sample Eulogy For Grandmother

Writing a eulogy for your grandmother is a thoughtful, but difficult task. Begin by reading a sample eulogy for a grandmother to learn what is included in a typical eulogy. Saying something about a dearly departed loved one and sharing it with others who are also hurting, can be an enlightening moment for all.

When writing a eulogy for your grandmother it is important to focus on her life and not her passing. By telling stories and speaking about the attributes that made her a wonderful person you will help the audience feel better and recover from their grief.

It can be nice to include a poem, quote or saying in the eulogy as well. For example, if your grandmother loved gardening and nature, it would be nice to include a poem that speaks of the beauty and importance of nature. Poetry can add beauty and meaning to the funeral speech. The poem may have been written by a famous poet, by the person giving the speech or by your grandmother.

It’s best to prepare the eulogy days before the funeral so there will be time to edit when necessary. It is also helpful to interview your grandmother’s other relatives or friends. They will be able to tell you stories of theirs that they may want included in the eulogy, or may be able to tell you about interests and hobbies your grandmother had that you were unaware of.

Remember to focus the eulogy on the positives and write it from the heart. Sharing memories that make you feel better will certainly do the same to those listening to the eulogy.

Sample Eulogy For A Grandmother:

When I heard that my grandmother passed away I knew that I wanted to share a few words about her. My grandmother and I were the best of friends. Even though I usually only spent a few moments a week at their home when I was growing up, she would make it really special by cooking my favorite dishes, watching cartoons with me, reading me stories, and playing games with me. As I went to high school and college, she was the first person to whom I confided a lot of my secrets.

Losing my grandmother has been truly painful for all of my family. She was a picture of iron-willed strength and always encouraged us to go for our goals and carve our own niche while we still had all the time in the world. She was our guiding light, our source of inspiration. Our goals were her goals, and she would do everything to help us stay on the right path.

I will miss visiting my grandmother and hearing her stories and advice. I look forward to passing on all of her wisdom to my children. I will make sure that they know how great a person my grandmother was and will make sure that her memory lives on in all of our hearts.


The sample eulogy for a grandmother above should help you with writing a heartfelt eulogy. For additional help writing your eulogies, view our guides to writing eulogies and eulogy samples.


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