How To Write A Eulogy For An Uncle

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How To Write A Eulogy For An UncleIf your uncle has passed away and you want to deliver a eulogy at the funeral you should first learn how to write a eulogy for an uncle. A eulogy is a speech given to commemorate and celebrate the life of an individual. Typically the spouse, child, sibling or close friend gives eulogies. If you had a close relationship with your uncle, writing a eulogy is a thoughtful thing to do and delivering it at the funeral will be appreciated by everyone.

A eulogy is a very personal thing and can be written in a number of different ways.  Typically eulogies will include most, if not all, of the following elements: a short life history of the deceased, your memories with the deceased, memories of friends and family, the deceased person’s hobbies and interests, the deceased person’s achievements (legacies), and how much friends and family will miss him or her.

How To Write A Eulogy For An Uncle


Begin the eulogy by thanking guests for attending and acknowledging people who traveled a long distance to be at the funeral. This may not be necessary because a parent or someone else may be saying thank you in their eulogy. It is up to you if you want it included. Next, you should introduce yourself and explain your relation to the deceased.

Personal Memories

This is the most important section of the eulogy and will take the most thought. Write about a few significant memories about something that happened between you and your uncle. The stories you include can be serious or lighthearted moments. Explain why the situations were significant to you and your uncle. Next, talk about what you learned from your uncle. What skills did he teach you and what wisdom did you learn from him? You can add one or two additional stories if you like that will help you illustrate what you learned from your uncle.


The next section is where you can talk about your uncle’s life history. What specific qualities and characteristics made him a special person? What were his likes and dislikes? What were your uncle’s favorite hobbies, activities and interests? You can also speak of any significant achievements and accomplishments your uncle obtained. Use this part of the eulogy to teach the audience more about your uncle.


The last part of the eulogy can be used to include a favorite poem, quote, prayer or any other piece of text that is significant to you or your uncle. Next, you should summarize your speech highlighting one or two key points. Talk again about what made your uncle so special and what you will remember most about him. Then, in conclusion say goodbye to your uncle and speak about how much he will be missed by friends and family.


Now that you have learned how to write a eulogy for an uncle you should read the following sample eulogy for an uncle. The sample eulogy will show you how a eulogy is written and will provide you with additional help writing your eulogy for your uncle.


Sample Eulogy For An Uncle

Thank you to everyone who is here today to pay tribute to my uncle Malcolm. When I heard he passed away last week I called my father to ask if it would be okay if I said a few words about him at the funeral. I respected my uncle Malcolm a lot and really cherished the friendship we had.

To most people my uncle was a very stern man. He worked as a lawyer and took his job and life very seriously. He married young, but got divorced after only five years. His passion was his career and he dedicated most of his life to being the best he could be. Even though this is how most of the world saw him, my uncle and I had a different relationship. I remember when I was a child he would visit our family and he would always spend time with me. We would play with my toys or he would read to me. I could tell even at a young age that he really cared about me.

My uncle never had children of his own, which is part of the reason why I think that him and I became so close. I know that even though he chose not to have a family of his own, he cared a lot for his relatives and friends. The people that new him the best new that beyond his tough exterior there was an extremely loving and caring man.

I learned a lot from my uncle over the years. As I got older and was studying in university he often offered to help me however he could. Even though he was usually very busy with work he always made time to help me when needed. He is the reason I chose to go to law school and he was very proud of that fact. He would talk to his friends and tell them about how I was doing at school like I was his own son.

Surprisingly to many of you my uncle loved to tell jokes. You had to get him in the right mood and situation, but he could have you rolling on the floor laughing. I will miss spending time joking around with him and his positive attitude. I hope that I can work hard and be as successful as my uncle. When I have children I will be sure to tell them stories of uncle Malcolm and how influential he was in my life. I will miss you uncle Malcolm and appreciate everything you taught me and all of the time we spent together. Love, Jake.


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