How To Write A Eulogy For A Grandfather

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How To Write A Eulogy For A GrandfatherIf your grandfather has passed away and you want to commemorate his life with a eulogy, learn how to write a eulogy for a grandfather before you begin. A eulogy is a speech that is written and delivered at the funeral to pay tribute to the person you lost. It can be hard to know what to say because you will likely have a lot of memories that you want to include in the eulogy. By using the guide below, we will show you how to write a memorable eulogy for your grandfather.

How To Write A Eulogy For A Grandfather

Writing a eulogy for a grandfather is a nice way to keep his memory alive and to celebrate his life. Begin the eulogy with an introduction and welcome message. Depending on who else is giving eulogies it may not be necessary to welcome and thank people who are in attendance at the funeral. However, it is common to give some sort of introduction such as telling people your name and relation to the deceased.

After the introduction you should share a few personal memories that you shared with your grandfather. These can be serious or lighthearted; whatever moments meant the most to you. You can follow these with experiences of others with your grandfather. You can learn more about his experience with others by speaking to his friends and relatives. Including other people’s experiences is optional and is dependent on how many people are delivery eulogies at the funeral and the length of your eulogy.

Next you should talk about your grandfather’s favorite things. What were his hobbies, interests, activities, likes and dislikes? This section gives you the opportunity to provide the audience with some background information on your grandfather’s life. You can try to relate some of these interests to your own memories. Perhaps you both enjoyed watching sports together or he taught you how to garden. By adding your own memories and stories it will make the eulogy more personal.

After you have discussed your grandfather’s interests you should speak about how he influenced your life and the life of other’s. What are some actions that he took that affected those around him. What lessons did he teach you? A lesson could be learning a physical skill, or could be a piece of wisdom or advice.

Finally, you should conclude the eulogy by expressing how much you and your grandfather’s friends and relatives will miss him. Talk about how he may be gone but his memory will remain. This is also a good time to include a favorite poem, verse, hymn or other piece of text that is meaningful to you or was important to your grandfather.

The above will have provided you with some guidelines on how to write a eulogy for a grandfather. We recommend that you read some of our other articles on eulogy writing for more helpful tips. Also, a sample eulogy for a grandfather is included below which will show you how a completed eulogy is written.

Sample Eulogy For A Grandfather:

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Michael and I am one of Walt’s grandsons. When I heard that my grandfather passed away last week, I immediately called and asked my father if I could speak at his funeral. My grandfather and I were very close and he meant a lot to me.

My grandfather was always there when I needed him. I remember when I was a child and was learning how to ride a bike. I fell and twisted my ankle and my grandfather was there almost instantly. He not only looked after me, but also encouraged me to try biking again and helped me become confident on a bike.  As I got older he was still there for me when I needed him. Whether it was advice on what career to choose, or teaching me how to grill the perfect burger, he was always willing to help.

My grandfather was a very hard worker. After the war he started his own auto repair business and over the years grew it into ten locations. He loved cars and enjoyed every minute of his job. He taught me a lot about repairing cars and I helped out at one of his stores at a young age. I recently went back to work for the family business and am glad that I can continue his legacy. My grandfather also loved football, grilling, reading and spending time with his family. His Super Bowl parties were legendary, but even when there wasn’t an event, my grandfather still seemed to have people at his house enjoying is cooking at jokes.

I learned a lot from my grandfather over the years. He taught me about hard work and the importance of family. He taught me everything I know today about auto repair and I cannot thank him enough for the countless hours he spent mentoring me over the years. My grandfather was an example to everyone of how you can be successful if you work hard and treat everyone fairly and with respect.

I am happy that I was able to spend so much time with my grandfather over the years. I know that a lot of people are not that lucky am I am blessed to have learned so much from him. I will cherish the skills and wisdom he taught me. Grandpa I will never forget you. God bless.


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