Great Eulogies Can Be Easy To Write

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Great EulogiesWith proper preparation, great eulogies can be easy to write. Standing in front of friends and family and speaking about a loved one who passed away is very difficult. Everyone at attendance at the funeral will appreciate kind words said about their love one, no matter how well prepared you are. That being said, the more time spent writing a speech, the better your eulogy will be. Our departed friends and family deserve great eulogies to celebrate and commemorate their life.

How To Write Great Eulogies

1. Collect The Information

The most important part of the eulogy writing process is collecting the information. The first, and most difficult, thing that you will need to do is write down your memories with the deceased. You can brainstorm these ideas, or look through old photos, whatever will help you remember memories with your loved one. Next, gather facts about the individual yourself, or by talking to others. You should write down information on their childhood, education, career, marriage, family, interests, and so on.

2. Organize The Material

Now that you have collected all of the information you should organize it into some sort of order. Many eulogies are written in chronological order, but if you choose not to do this, make sure that the order you choose makes sense.  While organizing the data, now is a good time to expand on certain information and remove other information that is not relevant.

3. Draft The Speech

After organizing the material it is time to write your speech. Do not stress about making it perfect the first time. The first draft can be very rough; simply focus on turning the data you collected into sentences and paragraphs. After you have written the first draft you should read through it a few times and edit all of the spelling and grammar errors. Next, write a second and third draft (or however many are necessary). When the final draft is ready, we recommend that you read it to a friend to get their opinion. They will be able to give you valuable advice and may recommend a few final changes.

4. Practice The Speech

Now that you have written multiple drafts and read it to a friend you should have a finished copy. Read the speech to yourself multiple times. We recommend that part of the time you read the speech out loud, which will give you better practice for delivering the speech at the funeral. You could also ask a friend if you could speak the speech to them. Reading the speech into a tape recorder and playing it back will also help you practice and polish the speech.

5. Deliver The Speech

Reading the speech in front of friends and family at the funeral is not easy. However, you should remember that everyone at the funeral is there to pay his or her respects to the departed person. They will be happy that you are speaking about him or her and will not care about how well your speech is delivered. When giving the speech it helps to have a copy printed in large font that you can refer to when needed. Make sure to speak slowly and pause frequently. If you get emotional, or lose your spot, simply pause and take a deep breath then continue.


Great eulogies can be easy to write if you follow the advice above. For more eulogy writing tips, read our other articles on writing eulogies, or read a few sample eulogies to see how a complete eulogy is written.


| Your Tribute Founder

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