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Funeral Speech ExamplesWriting a speech for a loved one is difficult. It can be hard to think of what to say or how much to write. The funeral speech examples below will help you get started by showing you how a completed funeral speech is written. Hopefully the speeches below will help to inspire you to write a funeral speech for the one you love.

When someone close to you passes on, the most difficult thing to do is to summon up the courage to speak at his or her funeral. However, if you are able to speak at the funeral it gives you the chance to honor, and say goodbye to, your loved one. A funeral speech also gives you an opportunity to tell the world how important the person who has passed was to you. If you are in the difficult position of having lost a loved one and you want to speak at his or her funeral, the following funeral speech examples will help you prepare a touching and memorable speech.

Funeral Speech Examples

Funeral Speech for Mother

It is with great sadness that I stand in front of you today delivering this eulogy for my mother, Cynthia Williams.  Preparing this speech has been difficult, but also very rewarding. It allowed me to reflect on all of the time my mother and I spent together and how wonderful a person she was. I am glad that I am able to share some of these memories with you today and some of the attributes that made my mother so special.

My mother grew up in England and was a farmer’s daughter. For generations her family farmed vegetables and this is where my mother got her green thumb. She also learned a lot about the value of hard work from her years on the farm. She was the oldest of six children and from a young age she was not only responsible for working on the farm, but also helping to raise her siblings. This strong work ethic she had from an early age shaped the rest of her life.

My mom dreamed of becoming a teacher and pursued her dream by leaving her small town to attend university in London. It was during university that she met my father and he shared his passion for travel with her. They backpacked around Europe and after college took a trip to the United States. They both fell in love with California and moved here permanently. San Diego became their home and they both got jobs as high school teachers and started their family.

I couldn’t have asked for a better mother. She taught me a lot about balancing work, family and leisure. My mom was a well-respected teacher and I was impressed by her passion for education and how much she cared about her students. Even though she spent a lot of time coaching and volunteering at her school, she always made her family her top priority. My mom was always there to take me to swim practice, watch my ballet recitals or help me with my homework.

As I got older, my mom shared with me her love for gardening that she learned as a child working on the farm. My mom and I (thanks to her) had the most impressive organic vegetable gardens at our houses. Whenever I work in my garden it will remind me of my mother.

I learned a lot from my mother over the years. She taught me how important a strong work ethic is and how it is even more important to spend time with your friends and family. Mom, it is evident how loved you were by how many people travelled from around the world to be here today. I will never forget you. God Bless you.

Funeral Speech for Father

Thank you to everyone for being here today to pay tribute to my father. I know that many of you have traveled from out of town to be here today and it means a lot to my family and I. Seeing so many loving friends and relatives here is a reflection on how my father lived his life and what type of man he was.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Michael and I am Edward’s oldest son. My father was loved by everyone and was an incredible father, husband and friend. He seemed to instantly become friends with everyone he met. His positive attitude for life and outgoing personality made him loved be everyone who knew him. I remember when I was a child thinking that I had a bigger family than I actually did because I had so many aunts and uncles who were just close friends of my father.

There were always people at our house and my mother and father loved to entertain and found any excuse to have a dinner party. From small weekday dinners to large weekend BBQ’s there were always friends and relatives at our house. I would always help my father with the cooking and he taught me all of his grilling secrets. My father was an amazing chef and I am happy that I can continue to make his famous meals at future dinners with family and friends.

My father was the hardest working person that I have ever met. My father cared a lot about his career and worked very hard at it. He owned his own accounting firm and had a staff of 10 people who worked for him. He considered all of his employees family and many of them worked for him for more than 20 years. I learned a lot about business from my father. He taught me how important customer service is and how to always offer the best quality products and services. I am happy to continue on the family business with my sister Mary and uncle Chuck.

No matter what the situation my father always had a positive attitude. He was my role model and I was happy to listen whenever he had advice for me. He was always there for my sister and me when we needed. I will miss my father more than words can say. I am glad that we got to spend so much time together and were so close. I will miss him dearly and never forget him. His memory will live on in all of us forever.


The funeral speech examples provided above should help to inspire you. Reading examples of speeches is the best way to start when planing to write a speech for someone you love. Next, we recommend that you read our articles on how to write funeral speeches. This will help to teach you how to structure the speech and what information to include.

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