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Funeral EulogyA funeral eulogy is a special kind of speech that you deliver during the funeral service of a deceased. It aims to praise and celebrate the life of the one who passed away. This speech is typically delivered by a family member or close friend of the deceased. This is because these people are the ones who know him or her well. They are the best people to give the details about the memories, life and death of the one who passed away.

A funeral eulogy is one of the best ways to share the appreciation for the deceased. The mourners and the guests will be able to appreciate the fondest memories and qualities of the one who passed away. If you have been assigned to write a funeral eulogy, but you have no clear idea as to how you should write it, then here are some information and tips to help you out.

First of all, you should bear in mind that it is not necessary for you to follow formal rules when it comes to making speeches. The goal of the eulogy is to be as honest and open as possible. A good eulogy is one that is written from the heart through the help and inspiration of your fondest memories of the deceased. Most of all, it should be celebratory of the life he or she led.

Here are some of the elements which you can include:

1. Anecdotes

Anecdotes will be a good way to start your eulogy. Three to four stories should be enough for the entire speech. For instance, you can share how you and the one who passed away met or became close. You can also recall your fondest memories, happy times, funny stories and other special occasions.

2. Standout qualities

Since the eulogy should be celebratory of the life of the deceased, it is also be a great idea to include some of the standout qualities of the one who passed away. Four or five of their best qualities should be enough.  For instance, you can tell the mourners what you will miss the most about the person, or what you think his or her legacy is.

3. Biblical references, quotes and poems

The choice of which among these three you can include should be in accordance to the personality of the deceased. If he or she is a religious person, you can include biblical references. On the other hand, you can also include certain lines from the favorite poems of the one who passed away.  General quotes or words to live by will also be a great element in the funeral eulogy. But of course, you have to use these in moderation.


When writing a eulogy you should make the speech personal and honest. Interjections of quotes and poems should only be occasional. Try to focus the eulogy on the qualities and attributes that made the person so special. Also, including stories that reflect their personality will be appreciated by everyone at the funeral. These are just some ideas as to what you can include in the eulogy. You can add more if you want, but just remember that the best inspiration should be the life and personality of the one who passed away.


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