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Eulogy SamplesWriting a eulogy can be difficult. One of the best ways to make this task easier is through reading eulogy samples. There are no specific rules when writing a eulogy unlike in formal speech making. More so, it can be more difficult than writing any other type of speech because you will spend your time remembering a loved one or friend who recently passed away. However, you can ease the burden by first reading eulogy samples, which will help you see how a eulogy is typically written.

Eulogy samples will be a great help if you do not exactly know how to write, or what to write in, a eulogy. You can find out what elements should be present in your speech; or what you should or should not say in a eulogy. At the same time, eulogy samples can give you an idea as to how you can write eulogies for different people. For instance, eulogies for a brother who passed away can be written differently from the eulogy for a father.

But in the end, even though samples are of great help, you should bear in mind that eulogies should be personal. They should be as honest and open as possible. Most of all, they should talk about and appreciate the memories, life and death of the deceased. The following samples should inspire you for writing a eulogy for your loved one.

Eulogy Samples

Sample 1 (Brother)

Ladies and Gentlemen, here lies the body of my brother, Paul Doe, who has just passed away. I would like to say a few words about this illustrious person, but first of all, allow me to express how much I will miss him. There are so many things that we have done together, both sensible things and crazy things. He jumped into quicksand to save me when we were camping as children. He didn’t even have a rope! Also, we always had fishing trips where we would compete for the most catches in a day, and most of them always ended up in a tie (even though he always said he won). He is just 21, still so young, a student from the City College of New York, and was busy preparing for his final exams when he passed away. Paul’s such a bright and strong person who had plenty of humor in his body. It’s so sad that we won’t hear all his jokes and see all his antics again. His family and his friends will surely miss him so much.

Sample 2 (Father)

I would like to start by thanking everyone who attended today. My father was a very quite man of few words, but I know how much he would have appreciated seeing everyone here today. As an only child I felt blessed growing up because I got to spend so much time with my fathers. We often went on camping trips, went sailing as a family and played soccer and football on weekends at the local park. My father loved my mother very much and after 40 years of marriage their love was still strong. He was a family man and not only cared deeply for my mother and I, but was also very close to his brothers and other relatives. Dad also had a very strong work ethic and ran his own automotive shop, where I know that many of you got your cars serviced. He loved working on cars and treated all of his customers like family. One of his favorite hobbies was restoring classic cars, many of which he kept and some he sold to friends and relatives. When my dad got sick last year he had so many friends and family by his side helping him and providing comfort. I know how much he appreciated everyone’s love and support. I will never forgot the times we spent together and everything you taught me dad. You may be gone, but your memory will live on forever in the hearts of everyone you knew.


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