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Eulogy ExampleWhat characterizes a good eulogy example? A good eulogy should do justice to the recently deceased; it should have all the right facts in the right places and the facts should be organized in order. Facts to be included are a general history of the deceased person’s life; family and friends; career and accomplishments; beliefs; and impressions of other people.

But of course, hardly anyone would appreciate a eulogy that consisted of simply a mere recitation of facts. There has to be a story element in a good eulogy example. Think about the moments that you had with the deceased person; include some humorous expressions that the deceased person always made; talk about the good habits of the deceased. You can also add color to the eulogy through quotes or poems if you feel like doing it and if these quotes or poems reflect strongly on the deceased person. At the beginning, you should declare your intention to speak as well as your relations with the deceased person. Now, here is a good eulogy example that will surely serve as a guide to help you write down your own eulogy for someone who has passed away:

Eulogy Example

Good afternoon everyone. I am so happy to see so many of Janet’s friends and relatives here today. I know that many of you travelled a long way to be here and she would be so appreciative. Some of you here may not be familiar with me, my name is John Roe and I am Janet’s husband of 45 years. Let me begin by stating a few words about my wife, Janet Roe. We have lived a long life together, and it is really unfortunate that she has passed away after a heart attack at such a young age. She was a loving mother for forty-odd years to our children, Paul, Jim, and Diane, and she also proved to be a loving wife. I remember the time when we first met at the school hallway, the memory is still so vivid in my mind, I remember her smile and how pretty she was. To my surprise, she accepted my invitation to the school dance and the rest is history. We married after college and started a family and I am glad that we have raised such beautiful and successful children. Janet was also successful during her 35 year career as a social worker. She organized numerous programs that helped many jobless people learn skills for work. She built so many lifelong relationships with many of the citizens of our community.  In her spare time Janet loved to garden and her vegetable and herb gardens were some of the best in town. She also was an avid reader, enjoyed going to the movies, and spending summers swimming at the lake. Even though she had a lot of hobbies, her true passion in life was her friends and family. Janet loved to entertain and was known for her garden parties. Many people will surely miss her, especially us, her family and wonderful friends. I know that Janet’s memory will live on in the hearts of all the people that she touched during her life.


The above eulogy example for a loved one has hopefully given you good inspiration for writing your own eulogy to a loved one.


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