Writing Eulogies For Uncles

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Eulogies For UnclesWe often give eulogies for our parents, siblings and grandparents. However, writing eulogies for uncles is sometimes neglected. Even if you only say a few words, when a niece or nephew gives a eulogy for their uncle it is well appreciated by the family.

A eulogy is a speech that is delivered at the funeral and pays tribute to the life of the individual. It summarizes their life and marks their accomplishments. It is important that the eulogy includes personal experiences with the individual. What are lessons that your uncle taught you, what are your favorite memories together, how is he remembered by others, and how will you miss him. Talk about their kindness, compassion, hobbies, interests, and other relevant information.

Eulogies for uncles should be structured the same as any other eulogy. It should begin with an introduction, thank you or welcome message. The eulogy then includes personal memories, experiences of others with your uncle, your uncle’s favorite things, how your uncle influenced your life, how he influenced others, and how much he will be missed by his friends and family.

A eulogy for an uncle should vary slightly from other eulogies. If you uncle’s parents, children and siblings are delivering eulogies, they will include most of the biographical information on your uncle (education, career, etc.). As a niece or nephew, you should keep your eulogy shorter and focus it more on personal experience and your own memories of your uncle.

Eulogies For Uncles:

I would like to say a few words today about my uncle Martin, or “Marty” as I would call him. When I was younger my family did not see my uncle very often because we lived in different states. It was typically only at family Christmas dinners or the occasional other holiday that my uncle would be in town. However, even though I only saw him once or twice per year, I was always excited to see him. He was a kindhearted and fun person and would always spend time playing games with my sister and me.

As I grew up I saw my uncle less and always missed his humor and kindness. I was happy to learn a few years ago that he was moving back to his hometown and I would get to reconnect with him. What I didn’t realize at that time was that we would end up working together. My uncle and I shared the same passion for computers and I was happy to go work for his company. He was an excellent boss and was very well respected by his employees.

My uncle was a very intelligent and successful man. He cared deeply for his family and friends and would often have large parties at his house. My wife and I enjoyed having dinner at his house and listening to his stories and jokes.

I hope that I can continue in his footsteps and help run the business he left behind. I also plan to pass his wisdom down to my children and show my friends and family the same love and respect he showed his. I will love and miss my uncle Marty more than words can say. Love, John.


Writing eulogies for uncles does not need to be a difficult task. If you need additional sample eulogies for uncles and help writing eulogies, view our guides to writing eulogies and eulogy samples.


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