Writing Eulogies For Grandmothers

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Eulogies For GrandmothersIt is helpful to learn about writing eulogies for grandmothers before taking on this important task. Knowing what to include in the eulogy and reading a sample will help you write a beautiful eulogy to your loved one. Typically a eulogy to a grandmother is delivered by their child or sometimes a sibling. However, many grandchildren have close relationships with their grandparents and giving a eulogy at their funeral is a nice way to honor them.

A eulogy provides friends and family attending the funeral with stories and memories that made that person special to the speaker. Writing and reading a eulogy to your grandmother will hopefully help provide some closure to the death. Collecting information about your grandmother from friends and family, sharing stories and thinking about fond memories all aid in the healing process. Then sharing these memories with friends and family at the funeral service helps them with closure as well.

An outline of a eulogy can include a short introduction, personal experiences, experiences of others with your grandmother, favorite quotations, favorite things, how that person has influenced others, and how much that person would be missed by everyone. Write about your grandmother’s interests and attributes that made her special. It could be her favorite song, movie, book, meal, hobby or anything else that makes the grandparent such a remarkable and unforgettable character.

Eulogies For Grandmothers (Sample):

Thank you to all of the family and relatives who are here today to pay tribute to my grandmother. When my grandmother passed away last week I knew that I wanted to stand up here and say a few words about her.

There are a few words that best describe my grandmother: caring, loving, helping and compassionate. My grandmother raised four wonderful children; she was a loving grandmother to eight grandchildren; and a caring friend to a lot of people. He compassion and love are what made our family so close all of these years.

My grandmother grew up very poor on a small farm. She looked after the farm while her brothers fought in the war and help care for her mother and younger sister. After the war she met he husband, Frank, and the two of them started a family. They continued to live in her hometown, which allowed my grandmother to continue to care for her parents and remain close to her friends and relatives.

My first memories of my grandmother are visiting her house as a child. She was an incredible seamstress and would make me dressed and knit me sweaters. She also loved to bake and would let me help her make cookies. This is where I got my passion for baking from.

My grandmother loved her friends very much and often had parties at her house. She had big dinners with friends and family and also held a weekly tea with her friends. She belonged to a local knitting group and book club.

It is hard to imagine what life will be like without my grandmother around. She taught me a lot and I will miss her wisdom, joy and love. All of your family and friends will miss you dearly. The world and our lives are all better as a result of your love.


Writing eulogies for grandmothers does not need to be a difficult task. If you need additional sample eulogies for grandmothers and help writing eulogies, view our guides to writing eulogies and eulogy samples.


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