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Eulogies For GrandmotherIf your grandmother has recently passed away, reading sample eulogies for grandmother will help you write a heartfelt eulogy to the one you love. A eulogy is a speech given by a friend or family member at a funeral or memorial service that pays tribute to the deceased. A eulogy provides those attending the funeral with stories and memories that made that person special to the speaker. Writing and reading a eulogy to your grandmother will hopefully help provide some closure to the death.

The sample eulogies for grandmother below should be used as a guide/template for writing your eulogy. The best eulogies are written from the heart and include personal stories and memories. Feel free to use the sample eulogies below however you like; you may copy words or complete phrases. Remember that these are samples and you will want the eulogy written in your own style, with your thoughts, emotions and stories about the loved ones.

Sample Eulogies For Grandmother

Eulogy 1 (To grandmother from granddaughter):

I am honored to get to say a few words about my grandmother. She was an outgoing and fun-loving woman who enjoyed the company of her friends and family. When I think about my grandmother the following words come to mind: patience, family, church, friends, travel, gardening, and cooking.

My grandmother lived her life to the fullest. She graduated high school with honors and received a scholarship to university. She went on to graduate with a teaching degree and was a high school teacher for 20 years. She then entered administration and was a junior high school principal for the next 20 years.

Personally her life was as successful as her career. My grandmother raised four children and had 8 grandchildren. Her children all went to university and are successes. They are also all married and building families of their own. My grandmother also had numerous friends. She was so outgoing and caring it was hard not to be her friend. She loved to entertain and hardly a day went by where there wasn’t someone at her house knitting, gardening or having tea.

I have so many great memories with my grandmother. She taught me a lot over the years including knitting, baking, cooking, gardening and more. Not only was she a great teacher, but she was also a great listener. I knew that I could go to her with any problems I had and she would offer her advice.

My grandparent’s both loved to travel and owned a vacation home in Palm Springs. I loved to visit them whenever I could. I tried to go see them at least once a year. My grandmother loved to show me her garden and citrus trees. She also enjoyed golfing, even in her 80’s, and I enjoyed going to play with her.

My grandmother lived her life to the fullest. Although we will all miss her dearly, let’s celebrate her wonderful life. Let’s also share our memories and make sure that her spirit lives on in all of us.

Eulogy 2 (To grandmother from grandson):

Thank you to everyone who is here today to pay their respects to my grandmother. I only really got to know my grandmother well the last 5 years because my family lived out of state. Before we moved back to our hometown, we really only got to see my grandmother once per year.

Moving close to my grandmother and being able to develop a relationship with her was one of the best parts of my life so far. She was such an incredible woman who accomplished a lot in her life. She was born to a poor family, help raise her brothers and sisters through the war, then went on to raise eight children of her own.

My grandmother learned a lot of helpful skills growing up so poor. She was an amazing seamstress and made a lot of clothes for me as a child. She also was an incredible cook and baker. Our family always loved going to her house for dinner because she had the best food. We always ate so much that it was hard to walk after. But even though we were full we had to have a slice of her homemade pecan pie, it was her specialty.

My grandmother was proud of her life and had no regrets. She was so happy that she could raise such a wonderful family. My grandparents had the ideal marriage and whenever I saw them they were so in love. They loved to travel around the United States and had an RV that was like a second home. They spent much of the summer on the road exploring new cities. They loved to shop for antiques and try small town diners. My grandmother especially loved being outdoors and whenever they saw a lake she would want to stop to take a swim.

I am so blessed to have been able to spend so much time with my grandmother in her later years. I was more than happy to help her when she needed me; I know that she did so much for me as a child and for the rest of her family. My grandmother had so many wonderful qualities and I hope that everyone here remembers how special she was.


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