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Eulogies For FriendsYour friends have been by your side through highs and lows. Pay tribute to his or her memory by writing eulogies for friends. Eulogies help friends and family attending the funeral grieve by hearing fond memories about the person.

When writing eulogies for friends it can help to begin by reading one or two sample eulogies. Most people have never written a eulogy before and are unsure what to write. Reading a sample will show you how a eulogy is written and what is typically included.

Next, it is helpful to speak to the person’s other friends or some of their relatives. In most cases only one or two frriends will speak at the funeral. By interviewing other friends they can give you some stories or other information that you may want to add to your eulogy. Also, even though you and him or her were close friends you likely didn’t know all of their likes and dislikes, you can find out more about the person by speaking to others.

The best eulogies include personal experiences that were shared with the person. Speak about your own memories and include others as well. Next, you will want to speak about your friends favorite things including their hobbies, interests, and so on. Finally, the eulogy is typically concluded by speaking about how your friend influenced the people around them and how everyone will miss him or her forever.

Eulogies For Friends (Sample):

For those here that do not know me, my name is Alexandra and I am Julie’s best friend. Julie and I became friends through work 20 years ago. We were both working as barista’s at a local coffee shop and always had the same shifts. Julie was very hard working and was a delight to work with. She always had a smile on her face and was always telling jokes; she made work fun and entertaining.

Julie was there when my son was born and helped me a lot with raising my child. I am a single mother and could not always afford daycare. Julie was an amazing friend and was always there when I needed her. I was impressed by the way she lived her life. Her dedication to friends and family was incredible.

Julie never married and I know it was something she always regretted. Even though she never had children of her own, my son thought of her as family. He always called her “aunty Julie” and the two of them were very close.

Julie was an avid gardener and an incredible baker. She taught me a lot about cooking, but no matter how hard I tried I could never match her talents in the kitchen. I will miss her dinner parties. She had so many close friends and her parties were so much fun.

It is difficult to put into words how much Julie’s friendship meant to me. She was one of the most loving, caring and supportive people I know. She has influenced my life in so many positive ways. My son and I will miss her forever and we will never forget all of the time we spent together. God bless you Julie.


Writing eulogies for friends does not need to be a difficult task. If you need additional sample eulogies for friends and help writing eulogies, view our guides to writing eulogies and eulogy samples.


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