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Eulogies For A FatherLeave a lasting tribute to your father by writing a heartfelt eulogy. Reading example eulogies for a father is the best place to start before beginning to write your eulogy. Summarizing your father’s life in a short speech will seem impossible. By reading examples you will see how a eulogy is typically written and what information is included. This will give you a better idea of what information you need to collect to write your father’s eulogy.

Next, you will want to begin to collect the information for the eulogy you are writing. Spend some time thinking about the memories you shared with your father, what he taught you, what he enjoyed in life and why you will miss him. You can also speak to his friends and family to help gather information for the eulogy. They can help tell you more about your father’s childhood, education, career, family and interests.

After you have collected the information you will need to turn it into a draft. The best eulogies for a father are written multiple times. Your first draft will contain too much information, spelling and grammar errors, but that is ok. Rewrite the eulogy a few times until you produce the final version. Read your final draft aloud to friends and family. Use any suggestions they may have and write the final copy of the eulogy.

Before giving the eulogy at the funeral you should practice it a few times. Do not worry about memorizing the eulogy; it is perfectly ok to have the speech at the funeral. Remember that friends and family in attendance will be happy to hear your eulogy about your father and you should not stress about how well your speech is delivered. When reading the speech you should read slowly, make eye contact with the audience and pause often to catch your breath.

The example eulogies for a father below will help inspire you to write a beautiful eulogy to your father. For more help writing the eulogy, read our articles on writing eulogies.

Example Eulogies For A Father

To Father From Son:

My father was a wonderful man. He was a father, husband, brother, grandfather and friend to many people. To me he was more than just my father; he was my friend and my hero. I always admired my father and had a great deal of respect for him. The following words cannot describe how much he meant to me.

My father was a very hardworking man. His career was very important to him and everyone knew it. I was very proud of my father and everything that he accomplished. He came from a poor family and built a career out of almost nothing. He went from washing cars, to owning a small repair shop to retiring with a chain of more than 30 automobile repair shops. My father taught me a lot about hard work and I worked at his shops at a young age. I didn’t always enjoy it, but looking back I am happy for the experience. I learned a lot about cars and owe my father a lot. I am happy to be running his stores today and continue on his legacy.

Even though my father spent countless hours at work, he made a lot of time for his family. My father wanted me to learn about work and being responsible, but I know that he also wanted me working at his shop because he enjoyed spending time with me. We didn’t always agree, but always got along. We worked well together and were also able to separate work from our personal lives. My father loved the outdoors and we often took family trips. His favorite activities were hiking, camping, boating and fishing. My mother and I loved my father’s sense for adventure and always learned something new from him whenever we went away. He would take us exploring new trails, or boating to new islands and we all loved the adventures.

My father was very outgoing and many would describe him as being boisterous. His voice would fill a room and when he laughed you could hear him from down the street. Because of his outgoing nature my father had a lot of friends. His staff loved and respected him and when you met him it was hard not to like him. My father loved to entertain and would have big parties at our house. He was always out on the grill trying a new recipe and telling stories.

My father was a very generous man and always willing to help. He was also very wise and you could go to him with any problem. My father taught me a lot about hard work, love for friends and family, appreciation for the outdoors and respect for others. I know that I will be filling big shoes, but I hope that I can continue on his legacy. I will miss my father more than words can say and will never forget him.

To Father From Daughter:

My father and I were extremely close. I was his only child and after my mother passed during childbirth he had to raise me on his own. Even though my childhood was difficult at times, my father never complained and always had a smile on his face. He had an easy-going personality and could make you laugh uncontrollably. Even though he was very light-hearted, he had a serious side, which he needed to raise a child on his own. Click here to read the entire eulogy…


Reading the example eulogies for a father above will help illustrate how a eulogy is written. Next, before you begin writing a eulogy for your father we suggest that you read our articles on writing eulogies for some helpful tips and tricks.


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