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Best EulogiesThe best eulogies for a funeral are those eulogies that will stick to the minds of the listeners and are delivered with all your heart. The most memorable eulogies are often very personal; they flow right from the heart of the speaker of the eulogy during a funeral. Also, the words contained in eulogies should be simple enough for the audience to understand and the stories told should be of interest to everyone. Moreover, the best eulogies for the funeral can be rendered sincerely. If your eulogy is well-written and organized, and the audience sees that you are sincere, then you can make a lasting impression.

While the audience is there to learn important facts and the major life events of the deceased person, you should make them feel how important the deceased loved one is to you, and that is done by being sincere. Typically, in the best eulogies, you should include the following: a summary of the life of the deceased; information about the deceased’s family and close friends; a summary of that person’s career, achievements, and beliefs; some noteworthy acts of that person; and some quotes that relate very well to that person.

The following are two short examples of how a eulogy is written:

Example 1:

Ladies and Gentlemen, a good friend of ours has passed away, so let us have this moment to reflect on the great life that John Doe has lived all these years. He has lived a long and fulfilling life. He passed away at the age of 87 and we all hope that he is at peace already because he accomplished all that he set out to do in this world. John is a pure-blooded Texan, and he loved his home very much. He was a loving father to his two children, Jane and Johnny, and he was also a loving husband. His forty years as an engineer was marked by numerous promotions which eventually took him to the position of vice-president when he retired. Clearly that indicates a good work ethic that he has passed on to his children. He has always had a cheerful disposition towards others and loved spending time with his family more than anything in this world. That is the life of John, a father to some, a friend to most of us here, and a great person who has walked the earth.

Example 2:

Everyone, let me have a few minutes of your time for you to think about the life of Mary Roe. The death of Mary Roe is devastating to us, for she is only forty-two, so young, and so very kind. Mary Roe is a lady who is always compassionate and gentle towards her fellow human beings. She is the wife of John and is mother to three beautiful children. Mary always tended to their needs as well as those of all her loving friends and coworkers. She was from Boston, but she moved to New York after a few years. Mary was enjoying a fledgling career as a schoolteacher and it’s a great shock to many of us, especially the children who she taught, that she is gone forever. Mary is one of the gentlest beings that stepped on this world, and many of us who had close contact with her can attest to that. The memory of Mary will live on in all of our hearts forever.


The above examples show how a short eulogy speech is written. To write the best eulogies for a funeral, remember to write from the heart. Talk about how much the person meant to you and others, tell heartwarming stories, and talk about the achievements.


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