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The Importance Of Funeral Eulogies

Funeral eulogies are spoken memorials given by family members and/or friends of someone recently deceased. They serve several important purposes. In fact, the importance of funeral eulogies cannot be overestimated. They help to remind those left behind of good memories and happier times with the person. They can help to make the person seem more real to those who might not have known him/her as well. They help to give closure and allow one to say good-bye to loved ones.

This is not a topic that most people think about on a daily basis. It is not something that one can really plan for. Typically, one might need to write a eulogy upon the death of a parent or close friend. In most cases, the family of the deceased will make a request of someone specific to write and deliver this.

Eulogies are normally given at the person’s funeral. Today, most funerals take place either in a chapel provided by the funeral home or in a church. There is also usually a short service at the graveside. One person may be asked to deliver one during the main service and another may offer one at the cemetery. Again, in most cases, there is a request from or on behalf of the family. However, there are occasions when a really close friend may choose to offer a eulogy during the service without such a request.

Writing one can be tremendously difficult. This is a very emotional time, especially if the deceased was a member of one’s immediate family. Fortunately, the funeral service, and by extension, the eulogy serve to help with the grieving process. This is a time to reflect on the life of the person and remember how he/she impacted one’s life. It is also a time to share happy memories of time spent with this person. Funny anecdotes are acceptable.

Many have little or no idea how to go about writing funeral eulogies. This is not like other occasions when one might be called upon to write and deliver a speech in front of an audience. The key lies in remembering the purpose for a eulogy, which is to memorialize the person and offer sympathy and comfort to the grieving family and friends.

The best way to accomplish is probably to simply sit down and think about different experiences with the person. During this brainstorming session, write down all the different ideas and stories that come to mind. Focus on how this person has impacted your life and helped to shape who you are today. List any personal achievements of the subject of which you are aware.

For example, if you are a family member you could write about a funny story from childhood, how your sibling helped you through a difficult time, holidays or other significant events you spent together, and so on. If you are giving a eulogy to a friend who has passed away, you could write about how you met, humorous college or workplace stories, vacations spent together, or any other significant event.

Next, one should go over this list and prioritize. It is helpful to know how long one is expected to speak so that one can include or leave out different stories based on time. If there are no time constraints, one is free to put in as many details as he/she desires. However, you should also keep in mind how many other people will want to speak at the funeral. Also, just because you find the stories to be humorous or interesting, others may not. Try to only include subjects that everyone in attendance at the funeral would like to hear.

Write out a draft of what you plan to say, including an introduction of yourself, a few stories about the person, an expression of sympathy for the family, and any words, poems, or scriptures that you think might offer some comfort and support to the family.

Below are helpful articles on writing funeral eulogies that will teach you how to create touching funeral eulogies for the ones you love.


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