Funeral Flowers Etiquette

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Funeral Flowers EtiquetteTo show your support for a family who has lost a loved one you may want to send them flowers. However, funeral flowers etiquette should be considered before purchasing and sending flowers to the family.

When someone has passed away, their surviving loved ones will now have to accept that they will be living the rest of their lives without him or her. The transition period required to live with this change will be difficult. The support of friends and family will be much appreciated. During these trying times, still the most popular and oldest tradition of expressing support, mourning, and honoring are flowers. This practice has dated back to ancient times where the oils of flowers were used to anoint the passing person.

Different flowers arouse a different feeling and many have different meanings. If you are not certain about which flowers are correct, it would be good to know a thing or two about funeral flowers etiquette.

The type of flower that will be sent by someone who honors the passing of a loved one could depend on the person. It will be of great significance to first contemplate the life of the person before you decide which flowers to send for the funeral. For example, if you know that the person who has passed is an outdoors type of person, it would be an excellent choice to give a beautiful selection of wild flowers. If the person was a wonderful friend, and a cheerful person, then chrysanthemum and crocus are excellent choices. If you happen to know the favorite flower of that person, go for that flower.

Cyclamen is a purple flower and is a flower that signifies resignation and farewell. It is a very sad choice and in funeral flowers etiquette it would be better to send flowers that will remind the mourning family of the happy times they spent with their loved one. Aside from being beautiful in itself, orchids are flowers that can represent the passing person’s beauty and refinement. Since they do not last long and the dying petals could quickly be noticed, it might be a good decision to just add a few touches of it, rather than making the whole bouquet out of orchids. The pine flower can be placed as a centerpiece of a floral arrangement. It can be very encouraging because of it symbolizes hope, which is very needed in this difficult time.

Also, aside from the choice of flower, the timing is also important in funeral flowers etiquette. The flowers can be sent to the mourning family during or after the funeral. Sending the flowers after the funeral is OK, but dont wait too long because it may have the opposite effect and be a sad remainder of the person who passed away. It is typically recommended that you send those flowers during the funeral, where the support is still called for and overwhelming.

It is also important to note that some families prefer not to receive flowers at all. They may want memorial contributions made to a significant charity, or may not want to receive anything at all. Be sure that you know whether or not the family wants flowers prior to sending them.

With so many different cultures, beliefs and traditions, it’s important to respect the family and follow their wishes and requests in terms of sending funeral flowers. Although flowers are seen as a floral tribute, something that adds comfort, warmth and serenity to some, others see it as a life cut short.  So it’s important to speak to family or friends about whether to send flowers, fruit baskets or donations. It’s only natural that you want to show you care


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