Types of Memorial Urns

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Memorial UrnsThere are numerous different types of memorial urns available today. Aside from the range of quality materials available, there is a wide selection of themes and styles to choose from. All of these options can make it difficult to select an urn, but make it easier to choose the perfect urn for your loved one who passed away.

Memorial urns are always purchased for the same purpose, to store the ashes of a cremated person. However, there are number of ways that the memorial urn can be used. The urn can be placed permanently in a niche or mausoleum, it can be buried in the ground or at sea, or the urn can be displayed at a person’s house. Before purchasing an urn you will need to know how you intend to use it. Next, you will need to select the type of urn you require. The following are the most common types of memorial urns.

Types of Memorial Urns (Use)

Biodegradable Urns
A biodegradable urn is an environment-friendly choice and has a number of benefits if you plan to scatter the ashes of your loved or bury the urn. The urn is made of eco-friendly (often recycled) materials and will not harm the environment when it biodegrades.

Religious Urns
Religion is very important to many people and, as the name suggests, religious urns showcases one’s religious beliefs. Any type of urn can be made into a religious urn and therefore there are numerous different materials and styles available.

Themed Urns
Themed memorial urns are often used when a relative wants to highlight a particular sport, hobby or interest of the deceased person. For example, if the person enjoyed motorcycles, the family may purchase a motorcycle themed urn.

Artistic Urns
Also known as “art urns”, artistic memorial urns are handmade from mediums like glass, wood, ceramic and porcelain. Artistic urns are more expensive than most other types of urns because they are handcrafted.

Keepsake Urns
Keepsake urns are used when the family decides to scatter or bury the ashes, but wants to keep a small quantity of the ashes at home. Or, the entire family may want to have some of the ashes to remember their loved one and the ashes are divide among a number of small keepsake urns.

Natural Urns
Natural urns are a new eco-friendly way to memorialize a loved one. A natural urn is typically a plant or tree, which is planted at home or in a memorial garden. The ashes are placed in the soil with the plant and as it grows it creates a permanent natural memorial to the person.


Types of Memorial Urns (Material)

Stone is traditionally one of the most commonly used materials for memorial urns. Stone is a popular choice because of its beauty and durability. Marble is often used, but there are a number of other stone urns available. Depending on the stone used, and the urn design, the cost can vary significantly

Wood is a very popular material for memorial urns because of its low cost and sustainability. Wood symbolizes nature and comfort. Wood is also popular because it is easy to personalize by engraving or carving on the urn. Any wood can be used for an urn and the price depends on the material used. Sustainable woods are low-cost and hardwoods are more expensive.

Metal memorial urns are another one of the most common types of urns. The most popular metal types are brass, bronze, copper and pewter. Bronze is the most expensive metal, because of the extremely detailed construction process. Metal urns are popular because they are very durable and can be easily personalized by engraving.

A glass urn is hand-blown by artisans and can create a beautiful personalized urn for a loved one. Glass urns are available in a wide range of colors and designs. Handmade glass urns can be expensive, but are worth the extra cost because of their beauty.

Ceramic, or porcelain, memorial urns are typically handmade although manufactured varieties are available. The cost of a handmade urn is higher, but it is far more beautiful and can be personalized for your loved one.

Green Urns
Environmentally friendly urns, typically referred to as “green urns”, are often made from recycled materials. Or, if recycled materials are not used, a renewable resources such as bamboo is used.


The materials and designs of memorial urns are becoming increasingly diverse and there are a lot of different types of memorial urns to choose from. Due to the numerous urns available, the price also varies greatly. Urns can range from under fifty dollars to more than thousands of dollars. No matter what material and design of urn you want to buy, you should be able to find a beautiful urn in your price range.


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