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Types of Cremation Urns

Cremation is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience and lower cost. As a result, there are thousands of cremation urns to choose from. What many people do not realize is that they do not have to purchase an urn when the person passes away. A cremation urn is not required to obtain the ashes from a crematory. The crematory can provide the ashes to you in a plastic bag, often placed inside a cardboard box, that you can take home and add to an urn at a later date. Therefore, we recommend taking the time to do research and find the perfect urn to store the person’s ashes.

Cremation urns can be made from almost any material. However, urns are typically made from wood, metal, or stone. Wooden urns look natural and rustic, and can easily be engraved with a name or design. Marble and granite urns look elegant but are also very expensive. Metal urns have become one of the most popular types of urns because they are strong and sturdy and are not as expensive as stone urns. The following are the most popular types of cremation urns available to purchase.

Personalized Urns

Not all cremation urns can be personalized. If you would like to have the person’s name or any other information engraved on the urn, make sure to find out if the urn can be personalized before purchasing it. Some urn manufacturers also sell personalized components such as military medallions, or badges, that can be adhered to the urn.

Hobby Urns

A “hobby urn” is design to focus on the deceased person’s favorite interest or hobby. For example, the urn could be the logo of the person’s favorite sports team. Or, the urn could be shaped like a car or motorcycle if they enjoyed automotives, or a fish if they enjoyed fishing.

Companion Urns

Companion urns are made for couples who loved each other dearly when they were alive and want to be permanently placed next to each other. These can be matching urns or a single urn with separate compartments for the ashes of two persons. There are also urns that allow you to mix together the ashes even if the couple died years apart.

Religious Urns

For the devout, a religious urn is the perfect choice. A religious urn will have the image of, or be the shape of, a religious symbol. Often a religious urn is a cross or a pair of praying hands. Other religious urns have hymns or religious scripture inscribed on the urn.

Biodegradable Urns

Biodegradable urns can be buried and biodegrade allowing your loved one’s ashes to return to earth naturally. They can often be submersed in water if you want to bury the ashes at sea. Biodegradable urns are often made of recycled material and are an ideal choice if you, or the deceased person, are an environmentalist.

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