How to Offer Words of Comfort After Death

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Words Of Comfort After DeathLosing a loved one is very difficult for the people who will continue to live on. It is important to know how to offer words of comfort after death to the surviving family members. People who lost someone they love will feel all kinds of emotions and sometimes the shock is so devastating that the tears don’t come immediately. During situations like these, all you have to do is listen to the person and try to make him or her feel that you empathize with him. Make him or her feel that he or she is not alone and that you are always there if they need help. You should try to offer words of comfort after death to make him or her feel better. Here you will find out how to think of the right words to say to someone who lost someone he or she loves.

Listen Before You Say Anything

In order to find the right words to say to a grieving person, you must first listen to the person. Listening to him or her will help you determine how he or she is feeling at the moment and helps you determine the right words to say. Do not ask questions like “How are You?” You can tell what the person is feeling by simply listening to him or her. Anger, depression, and desperation are the most common emotions that people feel when they have lost someone they love. Typically someone who is dealing with grief will appreciate someone who simply listens to what they have to say and shows that they are there for them if needed.

Words of Comfort after Death

Once you have listened to how the person express their emotions, you should have an idea on what he or she is feeling and what you may want to say to comfort him or her. Some common words of comfort after death are: Sorry, Sincerely, Comforted, Memory, Strength, Peace, Saddened, Prayers, Thoughts, Pray, Miss, Genuine, Deepest, Condolences, Loss.

You can start comforting him or her by telling the person “I am sorry for your loss”. If you lost someone you love in the past, you can tell him or her how you felt during that time and how you were able to overcome it. However, don’t try to compare your situation to theirs because even if you think you know how they feel, you probably do not.

If you are a spiritual or religious person, tell him or her something like “I have been praying for you and your family”. If you know that the grieving person is religious or you both share the same spiritual practice, console him or her by saying something that is supported by their religion. You can say words such as “He is with God now” or “He is well now and he has fulfilled his purpose in this life”.

Always speak from your heart and stay positive. To comfort a grieving person, you must make him or her feel that he or she is not alone and that you will always be there. Let them know that the memory of the deceased will live on in all of our hearts for as long as we live. There are many words of comfort after death that can be offered to the surviving family and friends. We recommend that you read more of our articles on writing condolences and sympathy messages to learn more about what to say to someone who has lost a loved one.


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