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Sample Condolence MessageWhen someone you know passes away, reading a sample condolence message will help you write a meaningful message to the family of the person.

The arrival of death is never certain.  The moment could be too sudden for someone or it could be something that has been foreseen as inevitable, but whatever it is, there is always the touch of pain. We can never fully understand the pain of someone who has lost someone very dear to them, but as part of those who are still living with them in this world, we can always send our support through messages of sympathy. A sample condolence message can help you express your sympathy and help the mourning to ease their pain, even just a little. The three samples below were tailored for specific situations, which could be used to aid you in expressing your desire to help the mourning to stay strong.

The first sample condolence message is for someone who has lost their children, which is perhaps one of the most painful things that could happen to anyone. It is written by someone who doesn’t have a child of their own:

Dear _______,

For now, I know I can never yet fully understand the point you are going through right now. I have never had a child of my own, but at least I have seen how much you have cared for yours. Those moments that I have seen make wonder how it was like to have a child of my own. It must be really wonderful to have children like yours! While words are the only things that I could offer to send my support, I want you to know how I want you to stay strong, for yourself, for your spouse, and your child. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Yours truly,



The second sample condolence message is written by a friend for someone who has lost their father:

Dear ________,

The news of your father’s death has given me a great feeling of sadness. I know that your father was one of the greatest influences in your life. I may not know exactly how you feel but I want you to know that I am there for you and am ready to help with anything you may need. Your fathers memory will live on forever in  our hearts.

Looking forward to seeing you again,



The third sample condolence message is written by someone whose friends are mourning the death of another friend, while he was away:

Dear Friends,

Somehow, in a corner of my head, I am still hoping that this isn’t true. Losing _____ has created a void that could be never filled by another. He was like family to us and was always there to help anyone who needed him. Let us all stay strong for this guy. Let’s never forget _____  and be comforted by so many memories.

All my best,



The samples of condolence messages above are meant to give you some inspiration and guidelines for writing your own letter. For more help, read some of our other articles on writing condolences and condolence examples.


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