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Condolences WordingIt is never easy to experience the death of someone, most of all, for someone who holds the departed dearest to his life. Reading condolences wording examples will help you choose the right words to express your sympathy for the person’s loss.

As a friend or relative of the mourning, we can only give them our support. Still, even if we do not feel very close to the departed, our deepest instincts of human sympathy gives us difficulty in trying to console the feelings of the ones who are left. Condolences wording can help the mourning to get through life with the sadness of their loss. Here, you will find condolences wording examples that you can use throughout your letter or speech, so you can support the mourning in these trying times.

The condolences wording examples have been grouped into categories that are based on the relationship between you, the mourning, and to the departed.

From a friend who has never known the departed, but is very close to the mourning:

1. I never met him/her, but since I know you, he must be really a great person. It is quite sad that I have never gotten the chance to meet him or her. He or she may be gone, but not forgotten.

2. After receiving the news, I spent time thinking about what he or she was like. I have heard you speak of him or her on many occasions and I know how wonderful a person he or she was.

From a friend of the departed, but did not know the mourner very well:

1. I have heard a few great things about you and it is unfortunate that we haven’t met through _____. I think _____  was a really terrific person. He or she will always be in our thoughts and forever in our hearts.

2. _____ and I have talked about you on a few occasions. I saw how his or her eyes were quite happy when he or she was telling me about you. I am sorry to hear about your loss. _____ will never be forgotten.

From a friend of the mourning for the loss of a father:

1. I just heard about the passing of your father. I am so sorry to hear this terrible news and wanted to offer my condolences.

2. I am truly sorry that I won’t be able to make it to your father’s funeral. He was a wonderful man and I was blessed to have known him.

From a friend of the mourning for the loss of a mother:

1. I just heard about your loss. Your mother and I were good friends for many years. She was a wonderful lady and will be missed greatly.

2. My family and I were sad to hear about your mom. We are thinking about you and have you in our prayers. Your mother’s memory will live on in our hearts forever.

From a parent to son/daughter who is mourning the death of a wife/husband:

1. _____ was a responsible husband to you and a wonderful father to your children. Your mother and I can feel the great loss you are feeling right now. Please stay strong for your kids; he lives in them. You have our blessings and our prayers are with you.

2. Your wife was very lovely woman, very caring, and we loved her like a daughter. We feel really sorry for your loss, which is also a tremendous loss to us. Remember that those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear.


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