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Condolences SampleIf you have run out of ideas when it comes to expressing sympathy to a family that has lost a loved one, you need to take a look at some of our condolences sample messages expressed in this article. The collection has been put together after considerable thought and will serve to show your concern irrespective of the family you are seeking to console.

Expressing your sympathy with a grieving friend or family has come a long way from a mere expression of “I am sorry for your loss”, you need to express a sense of togetherness and identify with their pain. Some phrases that will not fail to elicit appreciation include the following condolences sample messages:

“I am deeply sorry for the loss that has struck your family.”

“I am with you in mind and spirit at these trying times.”

“I join you in expressing my deepest sense of loss after losing your loved one. Please take comfort from knowing that I am available to offer you anything that might make this difficult situation less painful.”

“If there is anything I can do to assist materially or emotionally at these trying times, do not hesitate to call. I will do all within my power to be of assistance.”

“I personally knew _____ (deceased’s name) very well. They were one of the most considerate people I knew and a trustworthy friend. (His or Her) memory will live with me for a long time to come and (he or she) will be sorely missed by all who knew (him o her).”

“Receive my sincere and heartfelt expression of sympathy at this time. I know that I cannot estimate the full extent of your pain at this moment, but for all that it’s worth, my feelings and thoughts are with you every waking moment. I hope you get strength to deal with this loss and continue with your life. Do not hesitate if there is anything I can do beyond to assist you through this difficult time.”

“As a workmate, _____ (deceased’s name) was extremely hardworking and concerned about the welfare of everyone at the office. (He or She) always went beyond the call of duty to assist others and give (his or her) input. (He or She) will be sorely missed by all those who had the had the chance to work with (him or her).”

“My family joins with yours at this time of deep loss and grief. There are simply no words adequate to express our sense of shock and sympathy at what happened. All in all, be assured that we stand with you in this painful experience as well as later. We are with you collectively in this and will extend a helping hand to help you cope with this loss.”

When someone is grieving the loss of their loved ones, it can be hard to find the right words to express your sympathy. In fact, every phrase you consider seems inadequate to express your feelings and sympathy for their loss. The condolences sample messages given here should prove sufficient to help you express your togetherness with the grieving family while offering to help in any way.


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