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Condolence Message ExamplesExtending your condolences to someone that you know can be quite a tough task. Start by reading condolence message examples to learn more about how a condolence message is typically worded.

First of all, you have to live in the reality of the moment. Second, you have got to say what you mean. Third, it should be as comforting as possible. Sounds complicated, right? We all know that writing condolence messages are difficult, which is why you’ll need all the help and guidance you can get. One of the most effective ways to learn how to create condolence messages is by looking at examples. Knowing this, we have compiled some condolence message examples, as well as given you a few tips on how to construct your own message of condolence.

Condolence Message Examples

Example 1:

Dear Mary,

My family is very sorry to hear about your loss and wishes to express our deepest sympathies to you and your family. Mark was a wonderful man and we were blessed to know him.

I first met your husband when I began working for his auto body shop in 1985. He was a pleasure to work for and I had great respect for him. We became close friends over the years and my family enjoyed the summer BBQ’s at your house and the family vacations we took together. Mark was a very generous man and was always willing to help all of his friends and family. My family and I will miss his sense of humour and kind heart.

We will be praying for you and your family. Please also pass on our sincere condolences to Mark’s parents, Jim and Alice.

With all of my sympathy and love,

Jack Williams

Example 2 (Template):

To ___________,

I am sorry to hear that your (how the deceased is related to the person addressed by your letter) _______________ has passed away. I found out about it through (the source of the news). Almost immediately, I felt his/her loss in my life because he/she has played a huge role in my life as well.

Through the years that I have known him/her, I was certain of him/her as a person of character. He/she always goes out of their way to help someone. His/her big heart is the reason why we are all here today mourning, and this is why we cherish everything he/she has meant to our lives. I always thought that this person can live forever, and even now I still feel the same way. That is just how much impact he/she has done in this world.

I and my family extend our support you during these tough times. We hope that even with this small gesture, we can provide comfort to your family. I thank you for sharing him and the celebration of his/her life to us.

Sincerely Yours,



These are only two of many different forms of condolence message examples. Even though they may come in different forms, lengths, and usages, there are specific elements that should be contained no matter what they type of message you write.

First, discuss how the loss of the person hurts for you and what his/her life meant for you. Second, you can tell the person why his/her deceased loved one stood out for you. You can tell the different characteristics that you loved about him/her, and you can also share some memories and experiences you have had with the person.

Lastly, show your support to the bereaved family by sending a personal message for them. You can also include any tangible help with it such as a memorial contribution or funeral assistance. Lastly, close your letter with a heartfelt message for both the deceased person and his/her loved ones.

You can use condolence message examples to craft your letter template-style, or you can use them as idea sources so you can complete your own letter. Utilize these examples well so that you can create your best condolence message for the family who lost a loved one.


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