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If you have lost a loved one or are thinking about your own end of life plan, Your Tribute’s grief and funeral resources can help you through this difficult process. Browse more than 300 funeral and grief articles, templates and help guides written by licensed funeral directors, grief counselors and other funeral and grief experts. Or, read our blogs for funeral and grief help and advice from our contributing authors.

Funeral Resources

Your Tribute’s funeral resources can walk you through end of life planning, teach you how to arrange a loved one’s funeral, or provide you with information on attending the funeral of a friend or relative. The resources include funeral information on publishing obituaries, composing sympathy messages, writing condolences and funeral eulogies. We also provide help with choosing funeral songs, funeral poems, funeral readings and memorial quotes to use in a speech or on a memorial. Or, learn about purchasing funeral products, including cremation urns, memorial monuments, as well as creating memorial websites and online obituaries.

Funeral resources can prove helpful when making plans for a memorial service and other aspects of end-of-life planning. There are a lot of important items to consider when arranging a funeral for yourself, or a loved one. A great deal of care should go into choosing what memorial services will be performed. From deciding on burial or cremation, whether you want an informal wake or large funeral, there is a lot to consider when planning a funeral.

If you are attending the funeral of a relative, friend or coworker, Your Tribute’s funeral resources can help you learn about funeral etiquette, how to offer condolences andgiving sympathy gifts. While here we recommend reading a few of our funeral planning articles and begin to think about your, and your families, end of life plan.

Grief Resources

Your Tribute’s grief resources can help you through your grief recovery, teach you about bereavement and provide you with information on helping a friend or family member with their grief. The resources include articles on death and dying, the grief process, and the steps towards grief recovery. We also provide articles on how to handle grief during holidays and special days, how to speak to children and teens about death, and how faith and spirituality relate to grief. Or, read articles related to a specific loss including pregnancy loss, death of a child, death of a parent, death of a sibling, death of a spouse, suicide loss, and other losses.

The loss of a loved one can affect our lives in many ways. Coping with the grief of losing a significant person in our life is difficult. Everyone grieves differently, but no matter how you deal with grief, it is important to have a good grief support system. Friends, family, books, online resource and trained professionals can all assist with grief recovery. Grief support is critical and it helps to have as many grief resources as possible to assist you in the process.

Reading articles about grief and loss, and working through the process on your own, may not be enough to help you cope with the pain you are feeling. If you would like to speak to someone about your grief, we recommend that you contact a grief counselor. Counselors are available to speak to you online, by telephone, or in-person.

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